TAZ Payroll service for small businesses covers everything from paychecks to W‑2 forms, including all federal and state tax payments and form filings. You can count on RPS for the payroll services your business needs to stay competitive, and in compliance. TAZ expertise also helps to ensure compliance with wage and hour rules as well as new hire reporting requirements.

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What We Offer

Payroll Functions Performed

  • Unlimited payroll runs
  • Multiple check & Direct Deposit (at extra charge)
  • Federal electronic tax payments (EFTPS) and forms 940 and 941 filed electronically filings
  • State tax payments and filings
  • Phone support from payroll experts
  • Employee earnings statements.
  • Payroll journals.
  • Month-to-date department summaries.
  • A notice of cash needed to cover payroll expenses and tax liabilities.
  • Timely and accurate notifications of tax liabilities and deposits.
  • Payroll worksheets to record your next payroll.
  • A selection of related business services including workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance and COBRA, 401(k), labor posters.
  • E-Filing W-2 and 1099

How much do we charge?

In order to give you an accurate price for our Payroll services we need to know a little more about your business and what services you’re interested in. Our prices are very affordable.

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